Cockpit Building Tips

This section contains what I consider the fun part of cockpit building. It is a collection of ideas and solutions for the problems I encountered during the years I worked on my project. Don't expect groundbraking stuff here. These tips are not about inventing the wheel.

All ideas are my intelectual property, but fellow builders may feel free to reproduce (and maybe enhance) them in their own cockpit projects. If anyone wants to use my designs for commercial purposes, let's discuss how such a venue could secure unspeakable riches for both of us...

Use these tips as you see fit, but do so at your own risk! Please do not hold me accountable for mishaps that might occur while trying to follow my advice. The tools used to build a cockpit can turn into deadly weapons in the hand of an unskilled hobbyist (that might be true for a simple screwdriver, and even more so for a razor-sharp cutter). Caution is a must whenever you use a tool. Good luck to all of you - and always remember: Reinventing the wheel can be fun!


Wiring 7-Segment Displays

Making a Panel

Wiring a Panel

Backlighting a Panel

Annunciator Lights

Organizing Electrical Connections

Analogue Toe Brake Assembly

Building a Canopy From Plywood

Positioning of Dampers on a Moving Canopy

Installation of Lucide Windows in the Canopy

Landing Gear Switch

9-Pos. Flap Lever

Hacking A Keyboard

Keyboard(s) in a Cockpit

Pointing Devices in a Cockpit

Single pointing device / keyboard for multiple monitors

B737 Engine Start Switches with Solenoids

Servo Actuated Auto Throttle

Servo Actuated Air Brake Lever

Adjusting View Angles and Zoom Settings on Multiple Monitors

How to get rid of EM interferences

Adaptation of an Aviation Headset for PC Use