V.1 Front Panel - Built 1997

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The first version of the center panel in all it's glory. Not much authenticity here, but it was fun to build and it looked good in the cockpit. The buttons installed in this panel were supposed to control the most important functions of the various flight simulations I used over the years. Even though this made some sense as a concept, it turned out to be rather impractical.

I have to admit that only the Cessna-style autopilot saw regular use. Above the autopilot is the weapons control panel (a reminiscence of my warrior past). Some of the special functions found here, like the adjustment for "Bomb Ripple"were not likely to be in high demand when flying my GA planes...

The two instruments in the center are Soviet made. The small gauge on the left is a nozzle position indicator from an F-104 Starfighter. These instruments were just eye candy to make the panel look more real.