Monitor OSD Buttons on Front Panel

Front Panel

Things start with an idea... or first there is a problem that needs a good idea?

The problem here was how to operate the on-screen display control buttons on the lower part of the monitor frame, if that part of the frame is covered by the autopilot front panel.

The solution: three cut-off pencils, installed in the AP panel. Provided their erazor tips were precisely aligned, they could operate the monitor buttons. The pencils would have to be spring loaded, so the could not get stuck.

My spring loaded pencil pusher design (pun intended) after completion. I know it's not the neatest piece of craftsmanship, but it actuallly did what it was supposed to do and worked flawlessly for many years.

The device is still installed in the front panel, but now decommissioned. Beamers replaced the monitors, and the beamers came with remotes...