Warning Panel

Located below the trottle, this panel contains two Engine Cutout switches, Master Caution and Fire Warning buttons and - side by side on the same panel - the two "sixpack" fault anunciators. The decision to use this design was forced by limited space in the cockpit .


Panel design with Corel Draw.

The two "sixpack" elements recall the last warning when pushed. This is why there is a spring loaded switch beneath each element.

As a matter of fact, I used not one, but two tactile micro switches under each element . The contacts of these switches are bridged. No matter what corner of the element is pressed, one of the switches will register the pushing action immediately.

M2 threaded rods keep everything in place and act as spacers. They allow for precise vertical positioning of the annunciator over the push buttons. The black parts in the drawing represent black acrylic, the green parts transparent acrylic.

A sixpack annunciator. Each spider LED is located in it's own compartment to avoid light spillage. Each LED lights only one specific lable.

More info on how to build the annunciators is available here.

The finished panel, with all annunciators in place. Note the backlight LEDs behind the two fuel cut-off switches (the only backlighting in this panel).


... before installation.