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Have a look I/O code, Overview, Old versions

  • I/0 code

    EPL Files and Middleware Files

    The files on this page actually bring the cockpit to life. The procedures in my EPL code (EPL stands for EPIC Programing Language) switch on LEDs, read frequencies from FS and set the displays in the cockpit. Without them, the cockpit would be a rather useless collection of buttons, switches and other assorted hardware.

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  • Overview

    Consider this page your “Jump Station”. Click on the various elements in the image below for access to detailed information on the cockpit’s components.

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  • Old versions

    Aviation is is in a constant state of change, and so is my cockpit. There is plenty of stuff that looked great and was useful at the time I built it. But the project has slowly moved away from a generic type cockpit and towards a B737 NG inspired design. Ten years into the cockpit’s existence, all V.1 panels have eigher been updated, modified or were disassembled.

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"...and once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return...." Leonardo DaVinci

Links Here are links to the homepages of the makers of the software and hardware I use in my simulator. I do not check these links all the time, so if you find a dead one, please send me an e-mail.

  • A mainly French site (some pages in English) by Frederic Mignard. He offers stunning and- as the name implies – plug and play solutions for cockpit builders. His designs are inspired by my project, hence the link.

  • If you want to connect multiple monitors for syncronized outside views, check this out. But we warned: Each new view requires its own monitor and PC, so don’t try it if you’re not willing to spend the cash…

    At the Wide View Forum you will find many friendly and helpful guys if you have questions about WideView.

  • Sophisticated ATC simulator with many functions missing in FS2004. I have the program running on a separate PC. This means that sound output can go directly to my headset, greatly enhancing autenticity.

  • Serious about cockpit building? Then check Enrico Shiratti’s Project Magenta! You will find highly accurate glass instruments (both Boing and Airbus) which can be run on networked computers.

  • Middleware between EPIC and your hardware. It saves you a lot of headache while writing epl code. Works with FS2004. Made by Robert Fischer, who works on an impressive A320 Projekt

FS Stories ... a collection of stories related to flight simulation and aviation in general. To be expanded in the future, as time permits and new stories become available.