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The EFIS panel controls what appears on the NAV display, and how it is shown. Here, the pilot selects the display mode and sets the range when in map mode. There is always something to change here, so the panel sees at least as much use as the MCP and CDU.

Some controls on the original B737 EFIS panel refer to the PFD, like the decision hight knob and the Meter-Feet toggle. Because I was running out of space on my EFIS panel, and to achieve a more logical grouping, I decided to put theese controls right next to the PFD screen.

Version 1 and 2 of the EFIS panel, done with Corel Draw.

The range knob now also has a 5 miles position. Since my rotaries do not have a center push button, I installed two white knobs with same functions. The right side of the panel had two buttons and a flip switch without function. In V.2 that space was used for controls of the terrain display on the NAV screen.

This is the actual panel, readily assembled and wired.

The switches are now simply glued to the pack of the acrylic plate. The effect is that the flat M6 nuts used in the past to hold the switches in place are not required anymore. Maybe just a detail, but the panel looks less homemade now.

The back of the panel. Note the switches, just glued to the acrylic glass. In case of the flip switches I used spacers to increase the contact surface (and thus, the strength of the bond).

Note that the acrylic is transparent, because I finally started to make my panels backlit.

The EFIS panel, installed in the the front section frame.

The finished product. Backlighting is switched on – just compare the letters on the EFIS to the ones on the left!