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“Synergy” – LAN-Wide Use of a Single Input Device and Keyboard

I don’t remember how or when I came across this tiny open source program, but it turned out to be the solution to all my mouse and keyboard worries!

Synergy allows the use of one keyboard and one mouse on an infinite number of computers. It is installed as a server on the computer where mouse and keyboard are physicaly connected, and as a client on all others. A file stored on the server contains the definition of the physical position of each monitor in relation to its neighbors. According to this definition, the mouse pointer can move from screen to screen – in all four directions!

In my setup, Synergy is installed on the main PC (the one that runs MS-Flight Simulator and produces the outside view) and on the PDF, NAV, CDU and EICAS computes. The physical layout of the displays associated to these computers – as shown in the diagram on the left – is stored in Synegy’s configuration file. As an example, Synergy allows the mouse pointer to travel off the first third of the lower border of the main screen to the top of the PFD display. From there it can move on to the CDU display, and so on. All displays are accessible with a single pointing device.

The moment the cursor appears on a new screen, keyboard input (from the server’s keyboard) will be redirected to the PC that screen is connected to.

Synergy runs perfectly stable. Once it is installed on the PCs of a LAN, keyboards and mice can safely be removed from all clients – there will be no need for them anymore – they can now be controled from the server’s keyboard and mouse. It is really that simple! I consider Synergy an absolutely indispensable tool for any cockpit that is driven by more than one computer (and of course provided that each computer has it’s own display connected to it).

Synergy is freeware. No strings attached!

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